The Best and Safest Unfollow Apps for Instagram in 2023

Looking to do some Instagram account housekeeping? Unfollow apps can help you easily unfollow accounts that no longer spark joy.

However, not all unfollow apps are created equal when it comes to safety and effectiveness.

Why Use An Instagram Unfollow App?

An Instagram unfollow app allows you to quickly unfollow accounts so you can refine who you see in your feed. Key reasons to use an unfollow app include:

  • Unfollow inactive accounts or those no longer posting content you enjoy.
  • Keep your follow count in check if you follow many accounts.
  • Maintain follower-to-following ratio if concerned about metrics.
  • Free up time vs manually unfollowing each account.

Features to Look For

When choosing the best Instagram unfollow app, key features to look for include:

Safe and Secure The app should use proper data protection and encryption to keep your login information and account safe. This is crucial to avoid potential account hacks.

Effective Algorithm A sophisticated algorithm will intelligently suggest accounts to unfollow based on criteria like inactivity or lack of interaction. This saves you time over manually picking accounts.

High TrustPilot Rating The app should have largely positive user reviews on independent sites like TrustPilot. This helps verify it works as promised.

Free and Paid Version Options Top apps will offer both free and paid plans so you can start free and upgrade if you need advanced functions.

The Best Unfollow Apps for Safety and Simplicity:

Based on expert testing and review analysis across key metrics like safety, simplicity and smart functionality, below are the top 3 unfollow apps for Instagram as of 2023:


With top marks for its safety, privacy controls and automated unfollow suggestions based on different criteria, Ingramer stands as the best overall Instagram unfollow app.

Key Features:

  • Properly encrypted data and account protection
  • 4.8 TrustPilot score based on 2.3K reviews
  • Free plan available

Cleaner for Instagram

Earning excellent ratings for its user-friendly interface and optimal algorithm, Cleaner for Instagram is a top choice for simplicity and automation.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-configure filters to refine unfollow suggestions
  • Pay only if satisfied model
  • 4.2 TrustPilot rating


Providing the most custom filter options of apps reviewed for precision automation, Socialum is the best for advanced users.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of filter criteria combinations
  • 7-day free trial
  • Transparent app permissions

How to Use an Unfollow App Safely

While the above apps earn top marks for safety, you should still take precautions:

  • Review app permissions and disable any unnecessary ones.
  • Use unique passwords created just for the app.
  • Check for data encryption before login.
  • Limit unfollow rate as going too fast can flag your account.
  • Manually review all unfollow suggestions before approving.


To keep your Instagram tidy while protecting your account, be sure to use the best and most secure unfollow apps like Ingramer, Cleaner and Socialum.

Configure app permissions conservatively, avoid aggressive auto settings and manually review all unfollow suggestions. This allows you to refine your Instagram safely in just minutes a day for optimal enjoyment.


Can an unfollow app get my Instagram deleted?

Properly-coded unfollow apps like the recommended options will not risk account deletion when used moderately. Just avoid aggressive settings that unfollow thousands in days.

Is it safe to use auto-unfollow functions?

The top apps allow auto-unfollow but have safety limits built in. Review all suggestions before approving. And don’t allow super aggressive settings.

Can I undo accidentally unfollowed accounts?

Yes top apps have undo features, allowing you 30 days typically to cancel erroneous unfollows.

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